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WHAT DO EXPLORERS SAY?In their own words

"Explore the unexplored….which is crazy fun!

HRISHIKESH D, Animator, Sirena Technologies

“I like to travel, explore and discover nature, and the trip with India Nearby just had everything and something unique. You actually learn things, interesting things, amazing facts about the place you are visiting. You explore places which are unexplored….which is crazy fun, makes you feel like a Discoverer. The way India nearby lets you explore the trip is pretty awesome. And the food :) it was fun to explore different dishes in our lunch. I had a great time, enjoyed every moment. Keep it up…keep going…Can’t wait for my next trip with you guys. CHEERS”

Hills of the elusive Bulbul 2018

"Learning to read hero-stones... could relate to the place and connect

DEEPAK DHANANJAYA, Co-founder, Agile Sattva

“I was skeptical of the day as it was a weekend that I wasn’t working, thought I would end up seeing places and have long day. Well I was completely surprised by the day itself. The day started with visiting a nearby historical temple. Well I was in for more treat, as it wasn’t just the temple, it was place of hero stones and what each of them meant. Understanding the way to read the hero stones was not only informative but I was able to relate to the place, develop connection to the place. This experience stands out for me in the whole day.

The day was filled with such aha moments where I was learning about the place, history and not from books, from artefacts that I could touch, feel and see. I was amazed by the hidden treasure we have around us. Each place we visited had a story to tell, a visual to relate to that story and an experience. I was moved and enriched by that experience. I must say, I developed deeper connections to the history and heritage we have around us.

The experience was poetic and will cherish for longer time!”

The Poet’s Retreat 2018

"A different meaning to the word 'Explore'!

“I loved the experience of this trip. It was refreshing and gave a different meaning to the word “explore” to me. There were quite a few WoW moments: after a tiring afternoon trek, seeing a tummy filling ethnic Thali was certainly a WoW and Aha! moment. The scenic points, especially the first one which showed the whole valley was great, I wish I could be there also at sunset. Then receiving history and geology gyan – the conversation were full of knowledge and created curiosity. Would love to go on some more of these. :)”

ATIT PATEL, SW Engineer, First WalkIn

Hills of the elusive Bulbul 2018

Awesome trip 

“It was an awesome trip! There were quite a few Wow moments…Hero stones, Listening to the priest, Trekking, searching for the well, walking in the fields, and the lunch. Trip request: Chitradurga fort.”

Yeswanth Swami, SW Engineer, First WalkIn

Hills of the elusive Bulbul 2018

Not just a hot-spot visit

“For a person like me who is more of a home dweller than an explorer, it was a day spent well with India Nearby. A moderate climb up the hill, visit to ancient temples on the way, understanding the historical evidences in the ruins and the appetizing food made the trip truly memorable and not just a hot-spot visit.”

Janki Raghavan, Animator, Sirena Tech.
Hills of the elusive Bulbul 2018

"It's a wonderful concept that allows you to escape the city, explore, learn and have fun!

RAHUL SHETTY, PM & Business, First WalkIn

“It was with a lot of curiosity and anticipation that Myra and I went on this trip, and it met all our expectations and more. 

Its a wonderful concept that allows you to escape the city, explore, learn and have fun. They are wonderful and erudite guides. The experience is difficult to describe and I have never been on a trip like this before. If I had to try, It’s a pleasant long walk with Sita dolling out stories of our ancestors; while Nikhil interrupts occasionally to bring your attention to some inconspicuous tree-stump to tell you the part it played in shaping our world. 

You don’t really need to be a history enthusiast to enjoy this as history was only an aspect of the trip. What you need to be is willing to sit back, enjoy a story and smile.”

The Poet’s Retreat 2018

"...made so much more sense with your explanations and enthusiasm. I am amazed at your treasure of knowledge!

Chandrika, Bengaluru

Been to many treks… but this was a different feeling

“It was a wonderful experience. I have been to many treks… 1 day, 2 days, 7 days and more. But this was a different feeling. It was a day trip… picnic, exploring, temple visits, a peep into our rich history, savoring the beauty of mango grove, good food, enthusiastic team including a 3 year old… all bundled into one. The trip made so much more sense with your explanations and  enthusiasm. I am amazed at your treasure of knowledge!”

The Poet’s Retreat 2018

Trips with India NearbyIt's an experience

Each of our trips bring you real experiences, things you can see up-close, touch, feel and learn about. Our experts and specialists tell you the stories behind them. Few we discuss and discover. Travel and food is always a thing you don’t have to worry about.





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