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Into the heart of stone

2018-03-29 | 2D1NBengaluruECOGEOHistory

Into the heart of stoneGreat for explorers who want to discover hidden secrets!

Weekend Tenting

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8-12 people | Easy-Moderate hill climb

 ₹ 6500

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2Days 1Night Weekend overnight trip near Bangalore, Bengaluru (165+km one way), Tumkur (Tumakuru) region

Go explore a hidden exotic fort, right into the heart of stone! Learn about land, water and history. Architecture, history and culture are all connected.

Scenic landscapes. Historical setting. Temples. Step-well. Hero-stones. Trek the hills. Rural hospitality.

HISTORY: Fort. Temples. Step-well. Local kings. Hero-stones.

GEO: Rocks, hills, streams, lakes

ECO: Dragonflies, woodpecker or more.

Let the journey begin with some stunning views of hills near Bengaluru (Bangalore). Morning tea at a scenic spot of choice. Pass several hills, villages, lakes to reach our village-base. Enjoy a scenic walk through the village and soak in the rustic charm. Climb up a hill fort just in the backdrop. Choose a hill to trek the next day as well! And stay here for the night. Start the next day afresh and head into “the heart of the rock”! Fort and battlements, defenses and refuge, so much to explore and enjoy. A fun weekend spent in authentic rural, exploring leisurely, being in nature and learning some bit of history.

Day 1

Start your day with hill ranges. Driving through ranges you may know from earlier trips, that exist nearby Bangalore (Bengaluru). Pass lakes, villages and weekly bazaars (if you are on such a day). A quiet village, in the middle of this hill country, with a backdrop of history and geology, is our base for the weekend. These hills now seem so much more. Walk through the village to climb up a hill, observe, ponder, relax and enjoy…  Things begin to unfold. Rural life and temples, a little climb and the horizons lift up, one hill we choose for the next day. Look quietly around, hear the breeze, the chirping, the buzz or the moving grasses… down below you may spot more things, if not the woodpecker or the dragonflies nearby! Let’s return down into the village to explore those sites of curiosity. Each has a story! Explore at will and settle.  Stay in the village local/tent in the fields (based on feasibility/season).

Day 2

Start the next day fresh, to head for “the heart of the stone”. Trek to the hill fort, where’s the heart? Fort and battlements, defenses and refuge, so much of sensible architecture to enjoy on the trek. Take your time, there is much to explore and enjoy. Return to base, take a pause, charcha over lunch and then head back to Bangalore (Bengaluru).


A hill with local and regional history. Presence of many old temples and artefacts. This nondescript place must have been important. Another exotic, yet hardly known hill fort lies for you to discover!


So many rocky hills till the horizon. Splendid rock formations. What and why are they here?


Chance upon dragonflies, woodpeckers and more.

Overnight 2D 1N | Near Bengaluru, off Tumakuru (Tumkur), near Madhugiri

Group size: 8-12


  • AC Transport
  • Breakfast with tea/coffee (2)
  • Lunch/Dinner: local preparation or packed meals(3)
  • Refer Terms and Conditions

DAY 1 | from Bengaluru

  • 6:00AM: Start from Gathering point near Jayadeva crossing, Bannerghatta main road.
  • 7:30AM: (via) NICE road to Tumkur exit. Morning tea/coffee breakfast.
  • Till 9:00AM: Pass hill ranges, rural country
  • 9:00-1:00PM: At destination of the day. Hike up the hill, enjoy breath-taking views, explore a bit and return to base.
  • 2:00-3:00PM: Authentic rural lunch
  • 3:00-5:00PM: Go explore more – the secrets you spotted!
  • Settle, debrief and retire for the day. There are always some interesting field books you can enjoy before you retire.

DAY 2 | to “into the heart of stone”

  • 7:00-8:00AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00AM-12:00PM: Go and hike “into the heart of stone” 
  • 1:00-2:00 PM Lunch
  • Packup. Head back to Bengaluru (A chai break on the way)

Travel light, travel smart. Take only the essentials.
Prepare a day early, run a quick check before you set out.

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