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The living rocks

2019-08-25 | BengaluruECOGEOHistory

The Living Rocks - One Day Trips Near Bangalore

The living rocksTwo places and two great themes!

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8-12 people | Easy-Moderate hill climb
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DAY TRIP near Bangalore, Bengaluru (90+km one way),

Tumkur (Tumakuru) region

Uncover forgotten HISTORY and GEO. Go explore wilderness in a hill. Locate secrets hidden in plain sight. Spot geological features. Discover how culture and environment are connected.

Scenic landscapes. Hero-stones. A hill climb. Rural peace and quiet.

History: Temple ruins, artefacts, hero-stones

GEO: Rock formations, geological details

ECO: Dragonflies, butterflies or more.

The day

Getaway not just from the city, but also the highway! Venture deep off-into-the-rural. Discover really old remnants of history standing still. Later visit a unique hill form, discover few hidden secrets, calm places under the trees or group of rocks. Two places in a single trip. Various spots of historical interest – ruins, hero-stones and more. Return having learned about the earth and history. The views and discovering secrets on our own is just spectacular!


Go beyond the Hoysalas, discover the Gangas!


Peculiar rock formation and geological features and insights into the formation of the rocks and earth.


For the keen, there are always butterflies, dragonflies, birds or some peculiar larvae in the bushes.

DAY TRIP | Near Bengaluru

Group size: 8-12


  • AC Transport
  • Breakfast with tea/coffee
  • Lunch: local preparation or packed lunch
  • Refer Terms and Conditions

DAY TRIP | from Bengaluru

  • 6:30AM sharp : Start from Gathering point near Jayadeva crossing, Bannerghatta main road.
  • 8:00AM: (via) NICE road to Tumkur exit. Morning tea/coffee
  • 8:30AM: Place1: Reach a village with historical treasures
  • Till 11:00AM: Explore and observe ruins.
  • 12:00-1:00PM: Lunch
  • 1:00-2:00PM: Place2: Go explore spot some hidden secrets.
  • 2:00-4:00PM: Climb the hill and return to tree place.
  • Chai-pe-charcha and head back to Bengaluru

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