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On the trail of Kempegowda Trip

Go explore wilderness in a hill fort. Locate some secrets and fascinating stories. Spot some birds or dragonflies. Scenic landscapes. Pre-history. Small hill climb. Off a rural setting.

HISTORYKempegowda, Magadi region, Indo-Carnatic wars, Tipu Sultan, Prehistory

GEORocky hills, streams, rock formations

ECOBirdwatching. Untouched nature.

3,200.00 inc. GST
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The day

On a fresh day from Bengaluru, travel to Magadi. Breakfast under the shade of trees, begin with Ganesha.  Get a sense of the flow of the land and the rocky hills. Climb up a hill fort, breathe the fresh clean air, and take a pause. Get close to pure nature around you – spot some birds or geological features. Rocks, history and nature are all around you!


You have heard this name before. You know that Kempegowda was a king associated with Bengaluru. If nothing else, you know it right when you are in Bengaluru, at the Kempegowda international airport. How really did he become an identity for this region? What are the memorable things he did or leave behind? What was it like in his times? Why did he choose Magadi as his capital?  Discover some hidden treasures of Kempegowda. His markers, his forts and why they may be where they are, why they may be in the form they are.


Wondered about the hills around Bengaluru, do the rocks say something? Do the hills say something? What can you read from them?


You could spot some dragonflies, or birds, or more!

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